Shiatsu Philosophy

Shiatsu is a discipline which has developed from the millennial medicine traditions of the East, in particular from traditional Chinese medicine. “Shiatsu” literally means “pressure of the fingers”. The treatment itself and its philosophical background share features with Acupuncture. Shiatsu is based on an understanding of anatomy in which energy, known as “Chi”, flows along the entire body and all its organs along Meridians (energy channels). Meridians are electromagnetic channels with special points, knows as Tsubos, that carry a high electrical charge.

When stimulation of these pressure points, channels and certain areas of the body is combined with stretching, lengthening and manipulation to detect disharmonies, the Chi begins to flow through the Meridians again.

These techniques for applying pressure and stretching awaken the body's powers of self-healing, bring the body back into balance and release tensions in the soul and in the body.