FettgewaechsZen exercises to increase the strength of our center

The Zen exercises and Zen gymnastics course combines stretching and breathwork to strengthen our inner tranquility. We start with breathing exercises and meditation. Finally we learn how to increase the “strength of our center”. Specific Zen exercises give our body energy, flexibility, coordination and balance back. The mobility of our spine is improved, blocks on the energy channels (meridians), which often express themselves as pain, are partly or completely released. The spirit becomes more quiet and relaxed. Each hour ends with meditation, in which we feel the strength of our center and the tranquility and strength that we have gained from it.

Breathwork courses

With breathwork courses each individual can find their own “primordial” breath. The “Experiencing Breath” course offers as its basis the experiencing and feeling of gentle stretching, pressure points, intonation of vocals and consonants, swaying and moving. All exercises are guided. They can easily be practiced at home by anyone. In this way, a new “way of breathing” may be discovered: