Alexa J. Hupp

“Traditional Chinese medicine is a medical system which is several thousand years old and which, in its teachings about the five elements, considers the unity of Body, Soul and Spirit. For us, as people who find themselves closer to Western medicine, here an opportunity for existential enrichment is to be found. To behold man as one, in all his facets, to return to him or to allow him to maintain his well-being, energy and balance is the aim of my work on the body.”

Alexa's fascination with traditional Chinese medicine began while she was still a young woman. After having worked as a medical technical assistant for many years, she completed a training course in natural medicine which lasted several years. A Shitasu demonstration left her so impressed, that she went on to complete a three-year training course in this discipline. She has been working as a Shiatsu practitioner for over ten years now. In the past six years, she has furthered her knowledge by studying CranioSacral Therapy and has gained a certification in breathwork following the approach of Prof. I. Middendorf.

Alexa is now living and working in Florence, where she considers each of these three forms of therapy, with their unique features, as a source of enrichment for her clients.

“Contentment and happiness are born from our spirit [...] Our reality of humans is so created, that we can put an end to all problems. But to do so, we must first truly understand that these problems are actually created by ourselves.”
Lama Thubten Yeshe, from “Healing”


Wood is the strength of Spring, the growing strength of new beginnings and development.


Fire is the summer, the strength of abundance, the joy of harmony and tranquility.


Earth is the symbol of balance between Yin and Yang, of care and resting in one's own center.


Metal reflects the fall. It is the strength of breathing, as well as concentration on and the retreat towards that which is.


Water is the winter, it is strength itself, upon which all life is created and which allows new life to be born.