CranioSacral Therapy

ChristrosenCranioSacral Therapy was developed in the Seventies by the American doctor John Upledger. He discovered that the fluid which surrounds the brain and the spinal chord grows and diminishes following a specific rhythm. This rhythm – the CranioSacral Rhythm (CSR) – is transferred to the bones of the head (cranium) and the sacral bone (sacrum) and may be felt in the whole body by a therapist.

A modification or restriction of the rhythm through tension, can cause disturbances to the functions of the nervous system, which can bring a variety of different symptoms in motor or hormonal functions.

About the therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a delicate, extremely precise and deep-acting form of therapy. It is conducted through a light pressure of the hands. The treatment releases limitations and blocks in the CranioSacral system. It protects the central nervous system and enhances self-healing powers and the strength of our immune system.

Wounds and feelings stored in our connective tissue are also consciously experienced and elaborated.

This deep-acting therapy, that reaches the heart of the human system, is helpful in detecting the beginning of a problem and to treat “pain” at the root.


This gentle therapy is a process in which body, soul and spirit are equally involved. This process of integration helps us with a variety of physical and psychological problems. It strengthens our immune system and returns us to our balance.

Some important indications:

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