Breathwork following the approach of Prof. I. Middendorf

wisteriaAllowing breath to “happen”, without influencing it consciously, constitutes the heart of breathwork and pedagogy of breathing in Middendorf's school. It works with the individual rhythm of breath, meaning that no new breathing techniques are learned. This holistic, calm therapy embraces the specific person in an individual way, through their breathing. With the conscious realization of the movements of breathing, which can be felt in the whole body as one breathes in and out, breathing comes into the individual's awareness. The felt consciousness of breathing is strengthened. With increasing practice, the movements of breathing can come more and more into awareness, until they become the “living breath”. Through this, blocks are released and limitations in the body are improved.

About the therapy

Single treatments take place with the client lying down. The therapist's hands come into contact with the client's breathing or feel its movements, and allow them space to develop naturally through stretching, applying pressure and specific manipulations.

This allows tensions in the body to be released. With the deepening and improvement of natural breathing it is possible to influence conditions of soul and body positively and lastingly, often solving them altogether.

Some important indications:

“Tranquility of breathing brings tranquility of body and soul with it.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

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